Cat Spa.

‘Feline fine’ spa options..

Why not treat your cat to a truly tailored experience with our range of spa services? An optional extra, these services will make sure your pet enjoys every day at The Lodge that little bit more. Just £6 more per day for cattery guests.

‘A time to play’ – Our hand-picked team of cat lovers make sure your furry friend is entertained through play, affection and undivided attention.

‘A groom with a view’ – As well as a luxurious room to nap and play in, cats can take advantage of our daily pampering services. Massages without water mean your cat gets a thorough grooming session that takes in a gentle regime and cleaning around the eyes and ears while maintaining a clean and refreshed coat.

‘Finer Features..

‘The Cat’s Whiskers’ menu – All meals at The Lodge cattery are freshly-prepared and served on the finest china to your cat, at a time of your choosing. Special dietary requirements are met and all your cat’s needs are catered for by our loving staff.

‘Wish you were here’ – Get a postcard greeting from your cat on a weekly basis to let you know how their hotel stay is going at The Lodge.

‘The cat nap nightcap’ – When it’s time to turn in, your cat can enjoy a bedtime treat from our menu and a bowl of tempting creamy cat milk and can finish their day with a cuddle or company before dreaming the night away.


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